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TIME – Logic of the Leak


Leslie Gelb discusses the motives behind the White House leaking particular details of a top secret war strategy session with the current major players in the ongoing Iraq/Afghanistan conflict to the press in this week’s issue of TIME. He suggests that while it’s a bit of a nasty move, it’s nevertheless an effective one as it grants the White House some additional leverage in forcing the army to follow through with the timetable that was established verbally in that same meeting.

Based on the article, my personal presumption is that Leslie Gelb doesn’t suck at Chess.



The illustration above was done at the pace of an op-ed (read: warp speed) with Andreé Kahlmorgan at the art directorial helm. The additional sketches I took stabs at are posted below:





Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


Curious as it may seem, Abraham Lincoln’s moonlighting gig as a fearless vampire killer has gone largely undocumented by western historians until just recently.

Fortunately for us all, there’s now an ever-expanding bevy of resources to explore this vital cross section of his life—and how his dedicated practice of vanquishing the undead by driving wooden stakes through their malevolent, bloodthirsty hearts helped inform the principles and policies that made him the beloved historic figure that we all regard him as today.


TIME Magazine reports. Andrée Kahlmorgan art directs. I commit the heresy of improperly victimizing Lincoln down below before arriving at the cold, savage final above: