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GOOD: Work vs. Play vs. Play vs. Work


GOOD “Work”


GOOD “Play”


As guest art director for GOOD Magazine’s upcoming ‘WORK’ issue, the gleefully profane, indefatigable Jennifer Daniel rounded up the Pencil Factory‘s illustration titans for the magazine’s opening graphic statement for a two-page collaborative drawing and then invited me to crash the party. Here’s the complete cast of contributors (besides myself):

Kim Bost

Josh Cochran

Gilbert Ford

Jessica Hische

Caroline Hwang

Grady McFerrin

Ted McGrath

Alex Eben Meyer

Chris Silas Neal

Leif Parsons

Rachel Salomon

Joel Speasmaker

Neil Swaab

Jillian Tamaki

and Sam Weber

This being an issue devoted to the minutiae of work, Jennifer wanted to go after a broader suggestion of how work and play are terminally linked to each other. To do this, she provided us two very basic spreads: one of an office and the other of a playground. The only direction we received was to populate the office landscape with ‘play’ based images and draw elements of ‘work’ for the playground.

From there, each illustrator had a day to work on both spreads before passing them on to the next person. The process for these pieces proved very liberating as they didn’t fail or succeed by any one person’s contribution. You can see much larger versions of the final drawings over this-a-way.

There’s a better, stronger word other than ‘flattered’ to suggest how I regard such an invitation to collaborate with such a crew but I haven’t landed on it yet. What’s more, the central concept was/is particularly close to my heart when taking into account the front and back covers of my (outdated) portfolio:



Thank you, madam Daniel.