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Can They Do That? – K.I.A!

(All of the following covers were killed in the editorial rounds).


Lewis Maltby is the founder and head of the National Workrights Institute and was also previously the head of the ACLU’s National Workplace Rights project. His new book, Can They Do That, coming out later this year, provides an in-depth examination of how the country’s labor laws are grossly outdated and as such, permit privately owned corporations to legally trounce their employees’ basic civil rights without being challenged. In recession times, those who are grateful to be clinging on to the jobs that they have may interpret this book as a feel-good read for the summer.

Joe Perez at Penguin graciously gave me a shot at working on some cover treatments and, once again, I choked! The above one as well as the following three were all ultimately unused. My present inability to close the deal on various book covers is suggesting (loudly) that authoring any one of the beautiful jackets that you see in B&N, Borders, St. Marks, et. al is SIMPLY NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS. Regardless, this book is fascinating and freaky and was a genuinely terrific project to get an opportunity to work on. Moreover, like all projects that bear social relevance of some significance, I’m always grateful to be asked to the table. Thanks for letting me take a crack at this one, Joe.