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Chuck Palahniuk on Suicide


Chuck Palahniuk considers it essential to commit suicide every couple of years in order to give himself a more focused perspective on his own state of being. He explains the proper steps towards preparing for a suicide of your very own in the April ’10 issue of Men’s Health that’s out now.

To arrive at the above illustration for the piece, the skull was a relatively safe default in terms of an idea, but I lucked out with a nice experiment when I was messing around painting the thing on paper towels.


The texture that exposed itself from the pores in the paper towel presented an opportunity to echo Palahniuk’s manner of treating his pre-suicide plans as a checklist (hence the repeated ‘x’).


Like most anything else the guy writes, the article is droll, very funny and not without its uncomfortable truths. He has a wry manner of explaining that the best way to appreciate what you have is to take active, conscious steps towards 86ing yourself. This gig was appropriately more fun than any extended contemplation of suicide has any right to be.

Art direction by Vikki Nestico.