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Alex Rodriguez: The Patron Saint of FEAR


The in-the-works third issue of Mammal is devoted to fear.

The art and comics that we’ll be featuring in our newest book revolves around what scares the authors, what they think others should be scared by and also the behavior which often results from actions which have been principally informed by fear. In selecting a patron saint that we considered to be a modern personification of these suggestions we landed on the Yankees’ very own Alex Rodriguez.




In researching the words (and testimony) of the man himself, we found that it is both what he says as well as what he doesn’t say that reveals a man who, by virtue of his infamy (and occasionally his talent), makes him singularly intimate with modern, everyday fear in a way that few others are.




From our profile on A-Rod in the forthcoming issue:

Were it only that his natural, exceptional talent was enough.

Were it only that his record-shattering home run efficacy was enough.

Were it only that the teeming idol worship was enough.

Were it only that the astronomical $275 million dollar contract with the most roundly respected modern baseball institution was enough.




Apparently, it isn’t enough. As all-star Yankees’ 3rd baseman and media fixation Alex Rodriguez habitually demonstrates, even those who appear to have it all cannot escape from the species-spanning phenom known as FEAR. With words and deeds both explicit and implicit, Mr. Rodriguez behaves, as a matter of routine, as if he’s got everything to lose. This is not to say that he lives his life to the fullest, but rather allows his persona, his performance and his words to be governed chiefly by the impulses and reactions brought upon by the domination of fear within his still-searching psyche.




Be it his remarkable on-field performances upset only by his clockwork habit of choking when it counts, to his public quest to find religion with Madonna, to his tacit admission and peculiar defense of steroid use early in his career, we welcome his insight and gospel within the pages of Mammal.










Mammal #03: FEAR will be published this year. Further updates as production events warrant!

Sketches for Mammal: Issue 03


Above and below are two in-progress sketches for my contribution to the third issue of Mammal Magazine, which we’re aiming, fingers crossed, to have printed and ready by the fall. The theme for our third issue is ‘FEAR.’

Tying in these images into the context of fear has yet to be done for the final pieces, but I’m working on it (although the clown may be able to hold his own in that arena).


MAMMAL: Two Posters and a Poster



I won’t lie. We’re pretty damn excited about our forthcoming Machismo issue over at Mammal HQ. So much so that we had the fine craftsmen at Kayrock and Crown Prints (respectively) screenprint some beautiful posters for us honoring both the demented spirit of our forthcoming book (above), as well as the raw power of the book’s patron saint, Grace Jones (below). I designed all three of them but the Grace Jones one features a collaborative illustration between myself and Devin Clark, who provided a positively spectacular inkwashed octopus for me to collage and abuse. All 3 posters are 18×24 and will debut for purchase at MoCCA on June 7th & 8th. Online orders will be available immediately afterwards. As an FYI, though the posters do serve as superb wall decoration, we promise no guarantees as to how successfully or unsuccessfully they may serve to harvest thicker chest hair. We’re simply not prepared to make that claim.


Also, for the few who may be deathly curious about the fine print at the bottom of the Grace Jones/octopus poster, here you go:

“If we did not already love Grace Jones for her defiant ferocity, her butch ferocity and the ferocity which she employs to consistently disregard the popular conventions of what it means to be truly macho, we would cower before her and fear her. A lot. As such, like the neolithic early man who seeks to build a wheel, we turn to Grace for guidance and wisdom as we explore the deeper trenches of the masculine soul. As our patron saint, we are humbled before her and we relish her tutelage and her savagery.”

Labor of Love


My dad once said, “the harder I work, the luckier I get.” As it happens, April & May have been christened as heavy-duty production time on the Mammal book for the past two years running. As such, we took my dad’s sentiment to heart and as a result, cooked up a labor union t-shirt to celebrate the 2 months out of the year when we’re in full-bore production mode. It’s available for purchase in the store right now, but if you plan on swinging by the MoCCA festival/fundraiser at the Puck building on June 7th/8th, you can buy from us directly and even get in on the secret union handshake. Dog not included, regrettably.


Mammal Finds Out Who’s Tough


Mammal was representing hard at the New York Comic Con over this past weekend. As a promotion for our in-the-works second issue devoted to the concept of machismo and the exploration of the masculine identity, mastermind Devin Clark asked those at the con who stopped by our booth to ask themselves whether they considered themselves to be tough or not tough. Black and white wood placards were provided so that those who were asked could choose and wear their designations proudly. Asking someone whether they consider themselves to be tough or not tough proved to be a far more significant reveal into the minds and hearts of those attending the con than any of us would have anticipated. Our biggest surprise was Lou Ferrigno, pictured above, who despite being built like a one man war machine and spending a few quiet years as the Incredible Freakin’ Hulk, was unafraid to share his inner vulnerability with us. You want tough? Here’s a virtual superhero brave enough to share his true self to a group of erstwhile strangers. That’s tough.

More photos of those who were ready to confront this pressing issue and pose for the camera can be seen here.

More For Mammal: Food & Ladies, Pain & Pleasure


These two illustrations are more grist for the veritable mill that will soon comprise the second issue of Mammal. ‘Machismo’ is the new issue’s theme and jumping-off point for the forthcoming issue and my fellow contributors have been cranking out some wildly inspiring work that I encourage the three people who read this blog to go and check out.

These two images were not produced with specific messages in mind, but they do invoke a few ideas about gender politics, food, objectification and how much butch is too butch.


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