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Money 1st – Reasons To Be Happy


Money Magazine figures positivity couldn’t hurt sales in a slumping print market (among other things). Included here are three illustrations linking up with three reasons to feel good about current ongoing financial reforms. The one above is to signify that most student loans are, for now, a little cheaper.



This one was done to indicate that short sales for homes have been, for the moment, even shorter (plus it looks a little like Kermit—a universal conduit of happiness).



Lastly, this one here was done to suggest that credit card fees are, for the moment, not quite so fee crazy as they have been in recent years.


As most of the assignments I get are more based in criticism and analysis, it’s a rare gift to be able to work on something that’s genuinely positive-spirited.



Art direction: Laura Renga

Business Week – The Power of Shame



This was another quick one for Business Week. It concerns the likely public humiliation that will arise from the SEC forcing CEOs to disclose their epic salaries and bonuses from the past year. Form fitting as that dunce cap may appear, I don’t think it’s going to save anyone from flying tomatoes or the stockade if the SEC actually follows through on that. To get your public humiliation on, read on here.

Art direction by Laura Renga.