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The Future is Full of D**k Pics


Art direction: Caleb Bennett / Sign construction: Matt Rainwaters/Roadhouse Relics

For Wired’s sex issue: an embrace of internet nudity and a refutation of the shame that accompanies having your nude photos hacked from your phone and flaunted all over the internet. Having zero experience in the way of neon sign building or arc welding, my pitch for this image was rendered by the far less tactile means of the Adobe Creative suite. When the idea was approved, Caleb wisely seized the chance to have my drawing physically build by Matt Rainwaters of Roadhouse Relics in Texas. Very satisfying to have an idea taken to such a logical, physical conclusion—particularly considering the argument in play.

There was a brief, brief conversation in post as to whether or not I’d be interested in buying the sign back and keeping it in my home. I thought about hanging it in my daughter’s room for about 0.00000001 seconds before remembering that she is 4 months old and is also my daughter.