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Waiting Game

Oona was due to be born on November 10th. She didn’t settle on an exit strategy until the evening of November 17th. This left an idle waiting window.

In order to quell an already innate tendency to fidget in anticipation of a great big epic thing, I grabbed a sharp object and a stack of magazines and spent my personal limbo collaging. Some dudes lift weights. Anyway, these weren’t baby-centric insofar as I meant for any of these to reveal any subconscious feelings about impending fatherhood. I just wanted an active, physical distraction away from a computer that I could complete quickly without overthinking them or, conversely, reminding me that a very small person was going to manifest him/herself in our lives sometime either in the next few hours or the next few days. When I say “this mostly worked”, I mean that when I have an X-Acto in my hand and my wrist is sturdy and turning slowly, it’s only slightly easier to quiet the enormity of knowing that I’m having a kid than it would have been with a more passive activity. But the kid still trumped this. Substantially.

Now that she’s here, I look at these things the way someone looks back at something that they drew the night before when they were stoned.















Here’s Oona.

Oona Jay Dorfman crossed over to the other side of the wall on Monday evening, November 17th in NYC around 8:02 PM.


The expletives required to properly accent the tenor of Jill’s performance in delivering Oona have not been invented yet. They will occur to one of us in the middle of the night sometime in the next 6 years. At the moment words are few as the three of us have been opting instead to spend most of our collective waking hours staring at each other in anticipation of all the fireworks headed our way once we leave the hospital tomorrow.

Good night.