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Inequality and Sex

The title of this post is only just misleading enough to leave it be and go with it. I do have images to show concerning inequality and sex, but not together.

Art direction: Nicholas Blechman


The picture above was done for the Book Review a few weeks back for a review that David Leonhardt wrote about Angus Deaton’s new book, The Great Escape, which by Leonhardt’s account is an optimistic-while-sober account of how the inequality gap has narrowed over centuries and how that history should be mined for reconciling inequality’s present condition. This illustration found life on account of having the dumbest of dumb luck to discover separate engravings well over a century old of one very rich man and one very poor man sitting in my overstuffed files at home. Like the header promised: sexy, right?



This one—about whether or not sex can really, truly be counted as exercise—was done for the magazine in early December. Whether omitted for space constraints or for a good, old-fashioned benefit of the doubt, the writer gratefully declined to entertain any remote notion that just lying there during such a congress merited any such measurement. Personal trainers and one night stands all over the world can rejoice in a glad-hearted, communal high five.

Art direction: Jason Sfetko