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Intro to Lovebots


Here is another for the NYT Magazine’s Eureka feature about how robots are slowly, steadily and perhaps deliberately, laying claim to our emotions. The most challenging aspect of this piece proved surprisingly to be landing on the sentiment spooling out of the robot’s ‘mouth.’ I had pitched it originally with “There, there now.’ in order to suggest an agent of comfort, but after some extended fielding revealed that it could be viewed just as easily as a threat. “Of course you’re pretty,” “Let me know when you’ll be home,” and “I feel you , man” were also offered up at various points when Rem, perhaps sensing struggle, late-week exhaustion or a combination therein, plainly suggested the homage to Jerry Maguire and the decision became easy. This was a demonstration of an art director who is directly tapped in to the mission.

Art direction: Raul Aguila / Arem Duplessis

The Return


This is a recent illustration I did for the New Yorker. Subject-wise, this is about as self-explanatory as a thing could be, but as is typical of so much of the New Yorker’s reportage, reading the whole thing offers up a panorama absent of sanctimony of a recurring human condition in the U.S. which serves to remind hopefully anyone of the human cost of conflict. Working on this made me feel both fortunate and impossibly sheltered to not have a first-hand window into these kinds of experiences. Seriously, war is horrific and crippling and absurd.

Art direction: Chris Curry