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Frames & the Color Red

I know these two projects made the rounds on my immediate social media circles already, but bowing to the decrees of 140 characters prevents me from saying even brief, mid-length sentiments like:

This feature story, lengthy though it may be, chilled me to my bones as it should anyone who’s ever been even marginally behind on modern social technology. Which is to say, anyone who’s not busy inventing the next TwitBook might find some common ground with the plight of the modern political conservative. Civic platforms and differences notwithstanding, this is not a condition to gloat over since it’s coming around for everyone sooner or later.

These illustrations were roundly interpreted by friends and family as intentionally funny when they first ran last month, but my emotions in concocting them for this piece were rooted in fear, sadness and a little professional anxiety.

Art direction: Arem Duplessis and Drea Zlanabitnig


Speaking of fear, sadness and professional anxiety, this broadcast below was done for a graduation (of a kind).

Shortly after the announcement of Print Magazine’s final (!!!) issue, exiting art director Ben King invited me to submit a sentence long commencement address directed toward the recipients of what would be the magazine’s last ever gathering of their annual 20 Under 30 feature. I thought that since working today—for me—essentially means having to work around various obstacles and time commitments and roadblocks unforeseen, that whatever advice I had to give should be no less unchallenged.

If it’s illegible now, hopefully it will become clearer in a few years.

Art direction: Ben King

Larger versions of these images (and many others) can be seen here.

Next month, as well as into the coming year, I will be making a point to avoid frames as well as the color red in any forthcoming work. I anticipate difficulty.