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Infinity Plus One


2013? That arrived quickly. I had two whole days off to spend with family between Xmas and New Year’s Eve, so here are two things which I completed when I wasn’t reclaiming backlogged cable and smothering my niece.

Above: A quick cover illustration for the NYT Science pages about the idea of alternate infinities. This is an assignment which could be mined for years, but alas, I had a day to cough up some ideas and another day to finish it up. This ran on New Year’s Day—a larger version of which can be viewed here. Art direction and advocacy courtesy of Peter Morance.


Below: A new one done with the crew at Vanity Fair (here’s a bigger version). Columnist James Wolcott strapped every possible digital monitor to his person that he could and then shared how it affected his brain. I received significant assistance both from James himself and also from Vanity Fair’s photo resources who were both kind enough to let me go to town on a rather dignified photo of the author. Also incredibly helpful was their copy crew who made sure that my data was right. Art direction by Julie Weiss.

I’m fighting against the temptation to sign off this post as if this were an email. But this is not an email. TTYL.