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Whining, Complaining, Pissing & Moaning

(Larger, more view-happy version here).

Does our planet need yet another poster? Will the cosmos finally be made whole by its inclusion? In the innermost reaches of my head and heart, I must have thought that it would because after two plus years of promising to both myself and others that I would make this thing, I finally did.

Boasting the single most basic grid known to man, the sheet is comprised of what might be deemed the whiniest, bitchiest, most aggravatingly complaint-heavy people you’ve ever had to suffer through in print. Or, if you’re like me, you can privately relate to their lamentations just a little bit.


The poster is based on an illustration I did for Kelly Doe when she was art directing the now defunct Week In Review at the Times. (It looked like this). The original illustration accompanied an article by A.O. Scott addressing the oncoming mid-life crisis of Generation Xers. The poster runs a little further with the idea insofar as to simultaneously acknowledge and refute the nagging feeling that you’ve led a wasted, unproductive, unaccomplished life. Whatever else can be gleaned from that much complaining will be solely accredited to the viewer’s own degree of self loathing.


This poster was printed with exactly two colors: black over blue. Not to overstate the obvious, but that was a conscious decision in terms of both narrative and economic practicality. It measures 18” x 24” and is printed on archival FSC-certified white Cougar 100lb cover stock with a vellum finish. As I have yet to hang one in my own home, I can’t yet attest to the transcendence that occurs once it’s hung on a wall, however they’re already looking mighty damn good sitting tightly stacked and packed in a flat box in my apartment, so I’d say the odds are good.


An edition of 100 were made and as of now I have about 90 remaining. If you’re interested in scoring some of this particular brand of huffing and puffing for your home, office or restroom, I’ll be parting with them for either $20 + shipping or in exchange of an art/design item of equal value. If anyone is interested in a poster trade, all the better. Since I have no online setup on my site to exchange goods for money on these things, let’s do this: email me here. We can sort out the Paypalling from there.

Happy agonizing!