30 Covers / 30 Days – Day 7


It’s difficult to overstate the amount of design talent involved in the 30 Days / 30 Covers component of National Novel Writing Month this year, (the full list of participating designers is here), so there was no small bit of honor and slackening of the jaw when I was invited to take part. Despite having navigated any number of rush assignments in the past, this felt to me like an intimidating project—largely on account of having to show my own results alongside the results of the outsized talent featured on that list.

Therefore, after a 24 hour scramble, including an impromptu visit to the florist, my submission for Chasia Eidson’s The Impersonal Business of Death was posted along with her manuscript’s essential plot points over the weekend. Mucho thanks to Chasia for providing me with such a juicy premise to pick apart and to John Gall for putting me in the game.


  1. Chasia
    November 10th, 2010 | 12:00 am

    Just wanted to thank you once more for this! I’m still jumping up and down with excitement just thinking about the cover. Love it so much! I looked through your portfolio on display here thoroughly, and I can’t believe someone so talented did this still. :)

    I’ve included a Dorfman in my novel now, and he has died a most excellent death, trust me.