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Money 1st – Reasons To Be Happy


Money Magazine figures positivity couldn’t hurt sales in a slumping print market (among other things). Included here are three illustrations linking up with three reasons to feel good about current ongoing financial reforms. The one above is to signify that most student loans are, for now, a little cheaper.



This one was done to indicate that short sales for homes have been, for the moment, even shorter (plus it looks a little like Kermit—a universal conduit of happiness).



Lastly, this one here was done to suggest that credit card fees are, for the moment, not quite so fee crazy as they have been in recent years.


As most of the assignments I get are more based in criticism and analysis, it’s a rare gift to be able to work on something that’s genuinely positive-spirited.



Art direction: Laura Renga

Book Review Essay – The Raging Center



I swear up and down that I have other clients besides the Times—they only require that I work faster, is all.

This one above was done for this week’s essay in the Book Review, written by the BR’s very own editor, Sam Tanenhaus. In his essay, Sam revisits The Radical Center, a book published in 2001. The book is one part policy proposals for the ten-fresh decade, while the other half explores a growing batch of mainstream voters who are strongly disenfranchised with both Republicans and Democrats. The book had the comparatively small misfortune to be published right after 9/11, when many of the book’s ideas were rendered either inaccurate or just flat-out insignificant in the wake of bigger concerns. Nearly a full decade later, Tanenhaus suggests that while the policy section of the book may still be a wash, that the authors’ vision of voter discontent was right on the money:

“The Radical Center raises the possibility that a book can be at once behind and ahead of its time, mistaken in some of its prescriptions…but true in its assessment of the costs of a dysfunctional civil society.”

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Art direction by the fair & balanced Nicholas Blechman. I’d post the additional sketches we were considering for the final, but some of those guys are going to get used for something down the line. This I vow.