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Bases Loaded – K.I.A!

(All of the following covers were killed in the editorial rounds).


These comps (along with all my other ones) were killed in my recent failed stab at locking a cover for Kirk Radomski’s memoir about being a steroids go-to guy amidst professional baseball until, uh, extremely recently. His testimony in the Mitchell Report serves as his jumping off point to recount many of the juicier first-hand experiences dealing in performance enhancements for the pros in what began in total earnest as an offshoot of his complete and devoted fandom to the sport and particularly the NY Mets.

Given Radomski’s candid disclosure in this book, he’s drawn more than a few comparisons to Henry Hill of Goodfellas notoriety.

Though these are only four of the many comps that I submitted for this project, I think it’s pretty clear that they started getting a little repetitive a little too quickly. They all have pleasing qualities, but I evidently had a helluva time using something other than Foundry Gridnik which, depending on your sensibilities, may or may not read as athletic in its presentation.




Big Ups from the Type Director’s Club


Well, this is just awesome. I was recently informed that my book cover for I Love Dollars in addition to mine and Jill’s wedding invite were both selected as entries in the Type Director’s Club‘s annual competition. It’s a lot easier to type this out than it is to speak about it because my jaw is still rolling around on the floor somewhere. Thank you and I’m honored and thank you.

Stimulus Plans for Business Week


Above is a quick spot I recently did for Business Week regarding that big looming government stimulus package that’s rumored to save the economy by sticking me, my friends and all of our unborn children with the bill. The article proposes a possible means of trimming down that monumental sum. It suggests that non-government affiliated experts be appointed to a special panel to review and shed all of the special interest earmarking and pork barrel spending that is destined to get attached to this package and weigh down its overall efficacy.

The day that AD Victor Williams summoned me for this assignment was the same day that I was summoned for jury duty, which made for a little civic-duty juggling with work. Said juggling got really interesting when I struck out on the first round with my original comps (two of which are below). Victor was cool with them, but he felt that they both illustrated the problem instead of the solution. He suggested illustrating the proposal instead. I give Victor credit for his optimism.

Speeding home from court that afternoon, we landed on the above solution. As is often the case with government, ranting about problems is a helluva lot easier than coming up with some answers and apparently the same applies with making pictures.