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Scandals To Warm To


Bernard Madoff and Rod Blagojevich have been having a shit time of it in the press lately, but in fairness, we’ve had it worse. To say nothing of both scandals’ awful timing, the economic downturn has actually prompted a shift in current cultural interests that some suggest has diverted our attention away from pop culture sex scandals to those that involve financiers instead. For the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, now marginalized in the press, this is indeed a crushing blow in the wake of an already cruel, cruel year.

The above illustration placing Bernie and Rod as the prime focus of our new, modern lynch mobs was done for the New York Times’ Week in Review. Art direction by Aviva Michaelov.


The other two comps that didn’t make the cut are below. FYI, the typography on the right hand side of the NYT detail above was done by the frighteningly talented Jessica Hische.



Loudmouth Awarded Silver Medal from the Society of Illustrators


I recently received word that my uncommissioned ‘Loudmouth’ piece won a silver f#%king medal from the Society of Illustrators for their Illustrators 51 competition. What followed was a peculiar sensation of luck, gratitude and the sneaky feeling that 1,000,000 wildly talented artists working out and about in the ether were a whole lot more deserving of such a thing than me. I will likely celebrate this news by sealing myself up in the crawlspace we call a studio in the apartment and continue to scrape away on more self-initiated, nonsensical projects to keep my brain distracted and my body away from the couch.

I’d like to thank the academy.