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Alphabet Juice – NYT Book Review


Roy Blount Jr.’s ‘Alphabet Juice’ is essentially a literary manual dissecting as many of our language’s oddball behaviors as the author can wrangle (and he can wrangle quite a bit). As this was an illustration for a piece that ran in the Book Review, I wanted to find a solution using only type that would encourage the reader to sound everything out aloud as the reader “read” the image.

The two additional type experiments that didn’t quite make the grade are posted below. Making people talk out loud using only a picture is simply not an easy thing to do.


No More Economic False Choices


Above is an illustration I did accompanying an Op/Ed article in the New York Times that ran a day before the election. The article is written by two economic specialists with vastly different world views finding some common ground in what they propose many of the government’s economic policies should be going forward with whomever (at the time) turned out to be the victor of the election. My process of late has been more labored and precious than I’d like it to be, so it was extremely cool of Leanne Shapton, the page’s art director, to give me the room to play faster and looser than I typically do.

Ecstatic as I was when Obama locked the job down, any one man who actively seeks to assume responsibility for our current economy as well as our two wars has to be a little bit sick in the head. Godspeed, Mr. President-Elect.


That was f%#king awesome. Thank you to all who could make it.


Here’s our invite, printed by the fine folks at Kayrock in Williamsburg.





We went to Texas shortly afterwards just to chill out for a few days. Things got WEIRD in Texas.