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Mike and the Mad Dog Rest Peacefully?


This is another piece I recently completed for the New York Times that reflects upon the storied, not-always-so-civil discourse between the now defunct sports radio duo, Mike and the Mad Dog. The reporter, Bryan Curtis, doesn’t exactly liken their professional split to a divorce, but he does make some interesting comments about how their on-air relationship was inevitably headed towards pushing its own self-destruct button. The article, for those who are still lamenting their split, can he read here. Below, are the other two options that I submitted which ultimately did not run.



Who Loves Dollars?

I’m more than a full month late in discovering this, but the astute (yet anonymous) individuals over at Book Covers Anonymous gave a quick shout out to the cover I designed earlier this year for I Love Dollars. In their compliment, they claim that on account of the wraparound design, their cover jpeg doesn’t do it justice and, by God, they’re RIGHT!

Not that my amateur hack photography can do much better, but anyone who’s remotely curious as to how the design wraps around the spine and back cover can peep the photos below: