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More For Mammal: Food & Ladies, Pain & Pleasure


These two illustrations are more grist for the veritable mill that will soon comprise the second issue of Mammal. ‘Machismo’ is the new issue’s theme and jumping-off point for the forthcoming issue and my fellow contributors have been cranking out some wildly inspiring work that I encourage the three people who read this blog to go and check out.

These two images were not produced with specific messages in mind, but they do invoke a few ideas about gender politics, food, objectification and how much butch is too butch.


Huge Gold AK-47


What began as fun on a xerox machine after work this past Friday became a full-blown preoccupation on Sunday. I work at a record company so on some days, I worry about my job security. Machine guns can work just about anywhere so lucky for them, they have no such concerns.

Tangentially on the criss-crossing subjects of music and machine guns, the title of this post, ‘Huge Gold AK-47′ was first a song title on the the Blood Brothers’ Young Machetes album, which expertly showcases the band’s finest examples of their particular brand of damaged and fearless and fuck-all rock and roll. Highly recommended.