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Peace and Love and Machismo


My Mammal compatriots and I are currently at work grinding out pieces for the next issue. The concentration for this volume centers around the idea of machismo and how each of us reacts to the masculine identity. Above and below are two ideas I’ve been working on that stemmed from thinking about my regular habit of contradicting myself and extending that notion to how it might apply to the group mentality of an entire country of men. A good example of that mob mentality might be if our country was engaged in a long, violent, bloody conflict in a foreign country initiated with the presumed intention of establishing a peaceful, regional stability. A crazy, improbable thought, I know.


The Dalai Lama Even Loves Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


New work that began from idle sketching a few months back. Whether you’re spreading a message of temperance and peace to all of creation or coyly dodging questions about building the biggest, baddest nuclear nightmare factory this side of, um, Iran, everyone has a reason to smile. And don’t they look happy? The tirelessly curious can see a larger version of that image here.