Mammal ‘Zine Launch – THURSDAY 11/8

Five wildly talented friends of mine along with myself have produced a brand new picture ‘zine called Mammal. It exists as an outlet for all of us to take a break from our day jobs and commercial work and experiment with personally initiated illustrations, editorials and comics. The six of us, in essence, decide on a theme for the issue and then independently produce work that comments on the chosen theme. If you’re interested in the output of the complete Mammal masthead, I would strongly encourage you to peep the blogroll over to your right and, if you’re really feeling crazy, dive into their own sites and absorb their individual output and accolades. They’re fierce mothers.

I’ve known these dudes for years, and yet prior to this, we’d never fully collaborated on producing anything outside of some truly NC-17 comic strips we all alternated on while bored at the bar. As such, our maiden issue’s work was devoted to the theme of new experiences, new technologies, new discoveries, future visions, and events that had simply not happened. Before now, that is.

In celebration of Issue 001′s completion, we’re throwing a launch party this Thursday evening at Rocketship Comics in Brooklyn. In spirit, the launch will likely play out exactly like an R. Kelly video, perched in the club, sipping on Pitron, sitting up in that bitch all night long. The essential difference being illustration and comics in substitution of shorties and top shelf liquor. Anyone with a passing interest is welcome and encouraged to stop by, take a look at the book and have a beer. You want some? Come get some:

Thursday, November 8th
Rocketship Comics
208 Smith St.
Brooklyn, USA
7:00 PM

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