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Diff’rent Strokes

Here’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:


…and here’s that Dalai Lama:


Paper Trail


Coding Is Stressful


There was much grunting, ire and frustration throughout the past 48 hours attempting to discover what heinous act of miscoding I had performed to prevent this blog’s permalinks and archives from functioning properly. It’s very unattractive to witness a grown man pout and sulk and grunt and pace and cough and growl and announce to no one in particular his utter uselessness in life and waive his right to exist, but I’m not going to pretend it didn’t happen.

I’m not going to pretend largely because Jill (the future wife) was on hand to observe nearly all of it. She, very kindly, has thus far withheld from making any kind of exaggerated impersonations. I appreciate that.

What I learned the very long, very hard, very growl-heavy way these past two days is that Earthlink, my web host provider, does not support WordPress’ particular method of clean permalinking and that my coding is, quite remarkably, innocent. Trowling about the internet, I was able to locate a workaround that I’m testing now. It’s not the most elegant of code, but for the time being it seems to be working, and I’d like to relax and draw and maybe make a few things with my hands again before diving back full-bore into how to maximize efficiency on this fascinating little gaggle of ones and zeroes.

The way it stands now, in my quest for the perfect permalinking code I’ve seen so elegantly used on some my preferred design blogs, I shall either be waiting for Earthlink to become compatible with the latest version of WordPress, or I shall shave my head, knit a robe and disappear into a cave an not emerge before becoming an all-supreme webmaster. While I hate to sell myself short, I’d put my money on Earthlink if I were a betting man.

Under Construction

Mom + the 3 other people who read this, just bear with me for a moment. I’m having wildly inventive permalink issues and unfortunately I’ll be a little hamstrung until I can resolve the issue.

Glory be to tech support. Long live the new flesh.